There are plenty of reasons why people say makes your hair grow faster and this and that. This post is about busting out those myths and guiding you towards healthy hair habits that will keep your tresses fabulous.

Let's just knock number one right out of your mind right off the bat: cutting your hair makes it grow faster. Sike! It really does not. Your tresses will grow about half an inch per month (give or take based on hormones and diet). Cutting your ends stops your hair from breaking off. Not only does it stop your hair from breaking or experiencing split ends, but cutting your ends also increases your hair's volume.

Heat damaged hair can be fixed without cutting it. Wow- no. That's absolutely wrong. Heat damaged hair will need to be cut, but that does not mean you have to cut your ends right away. You can, however, update your regimen to a healthier routine and work on that as you gradually clip the heat damaged hair away.

You need to wash your hair once a week, once a month, once every two months or however often people tell you. It is all up to you, your hair, and how active you are that determines how long you need to go between washes. A more active lifestyle dictates how often you should wash your hair. One person might need to wash their hair about once a month and do a co-wash every other week. Another person might need to wash their hair weekly. Personally, when I lived in Oakland, CA and commuted everywhere by riding my bike, it was necessary that I washed my hair faithfully every week. 

Probably the biggest myth people ask about is heat damage. If you have ever had heat damage, how long is it before you cut your hair to get rid of it? How did you change your hair regimen?