There is no amount of frustration worse than going through three hair ties in a row to get a puff or stretching out your elastic band to get a super loose or too tight looking puff. That's why the Poof It is totally here for you! 

We have a few tips that can help you create the best updo ever:

1. Always collect your hair together! You can do this a few different ways. The first way is to lean your head forward and collect the hair together. This method probably works best with people with looser hair textures. Another way you can do this is by leaning the head backwards and gently finger coming your hair back.

2. Slick your hair first. If you'd like your hair slicked down when wearing a puff or bun, make sure you do that first and foremost. The Poof It does not do that for you. Get your edge control and creams and get to slicking. The easiest method is to use what you need to slick your edges and/or lay  your hair down and then put on a scarf to make sure it's laid down and dried for 15 minutes. Then proceed with finishing your style with the Poof It.

3. Want to wash your poof it? Your Poof It can be washed and dried in the washing machine with like colors. It will probably need a wash about every 1-2 months depending on how often you wear it. Keep in mind that whatever you put into your hair ultimately rubs off onto your hair accessory.

4. Begin with set styles. This is not a necessity by any means. However, this will save you from having to slick your edges or running the brush through your hair. Try doing a braidout, twistout, or flexirod set first and then style with your Poof It.

We hope these tips help! 


Poof It